Horus Pharma France
148 Avenue Guynemer, Cap Var – Bâtiment D2
06700 Saint Laurent du Var

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+33 (0)4 93 19 54 03


Founded in 2003, Horus Pharma is an independent laboratory established as a key player in ophthalmology in France and on the European market. Focused on patient benefit, Horus Pharma has built up a recognized know-how in the development of solutions combining efficacy and safety.

As the pioneer of preservative-free products, it develops, patents and markets ophthalmic products for eye and eyelid health. This culture is one of the main drivers of growth and Research & Development. Its product portfolio includes medicinal products, medical devices, human tissues, cosmetics, and food supplements. Horus Pharma also offers surgical and peri-surgical solutions to help in the diagnosis process of eye diseases.

Since the Laboratory was created, Corporate Social Responsibility is seen as a mindset anchored in the company’s DNA. It deeply impacts its corporate identity, operations, and vision. In line with its strategy, Horus Pharma focusses on creating a responsible corporate culture based on three pillars: environmental health, social well-being and financial success, and ethics.

Constantly growing on the French and European markets, the laboratory combines the flexibility and climate of a family business, propelled by international expansion and continuous growth for almost 20 years.