Santen SA, the Netherlands Branch
De Entree 11-97
1101BH Amsterdam

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Rosanna Bosua
Medical Affairs Manager Benelux

Raqyn Pinas
Key Account Manager


Santen Pharmaceutical is one of the world’s leading specialist ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies, founded in Japan over a century ago and now serving patients all over the world. We’re passionate about improving eye health and vision for patients. With our sole focus being ophthalmology, we can assess, respond and act quickly in this specialist field where we have deep knowledge and experience.

With our focus on the sense of eyesight, there’s a huge and unique opportunity to improve quality of life for patients while sustaining a strong and effective commercial organisation. As populations age, patient numbers are growing, driven by conditions like glaucoma and retinal disorders. The prescription ophthalmic pharmaceutical market is growing rapidly as new treatment and diagnosis methods emerge from evolving technology. There are significant unmet patient needs in ophthalmology. 

In EMEA, we are a leader in glaucoma and dry eye treatment – areas in which our portfolio serves every stage and type of disease. We are also growing our range in eye infections, allergies, and devices for vision correction and glaucoma surgery. 

Santen’s long-term vision is to become a social innovator in ophthalmology and address social and economic issues related to eye health by strategically exploring advancing technologies and collaborating with key leaders around the world. Underpinned by its people-centric values, Santen aims to ultimately deliver happiness with vision – a life with the best vision experience for every individual.